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Coffee and hepatitis C

Coffee and hepatitis C....This study included 766 participants enrolled in the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment against CirrhosisAmong chronic hepatitis C patients with advanced liver fibrosis or cirrhosis who did not respond to interferon-based therapy, those who drank 3 or more cups of coffee per day had a 53% lower risk of liver disease progression than non-coffee-drinkers, according to a study that will appear in the November 2009 issue of Hepatology.
Outcome rates declined with increasing coffee consumption, from 11.1 per 100 person-years [PY] for patients who drank none, to 12.1 per 100 PY for those who drank less than 1 cup a day, to 8.2 per 100 PY for those who drank between 1 to fewer than 3 cups a day, to 6.3 per 100 PY for patients who drank 3 or more cups a day.
Results from study suggest that patients with high coffee intake had a lower risk of disease progression.....

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