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The liver is the primary organ antipollution, responsible for the removal of potential toxins from the bloodstream; filtered over a liter of blood per minute. In today's world, the liver receives more than its share of insults, of things such as car exhaust, smoke from others, pesticides, heavy metals, industrial solvents and household cleaners, not to mention over-the-counter and prescription drugs, food additives and various bacteria.
Hepatic Veno-occlusive disease is a potentially fatal cause of liver failure, usually attributed to exposure to plants containing toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids.
Although it is commonly thought that ingestion of these alkaloids is not a problem in developed countries, cases of hepatic veno-occlusive disease have been reported from the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland, and at least two of these cases have been linked to the consumption of commercially available plant comfrey.

In a report in The Lancet notes that despite past warnings about toxicity, comfrey products are still advertised as herbal teas, plant root powder and capsules. Toxic levels of alkaloids are found in commercial preparations.
Pyrrolizidine alkaloid poisoning is difficult to diagnose, it may be necessary to obtain and analyze herbal preparations used by the patient to determine the cause liver failure. "The doctor and consumer awareness about plant toxicity is extremely limited, and the incidence of hepatic veno-occlusive disease and poisoning pyrrolizidine can be very underestimated."

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