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Liver cancer is treated for 20 minutes

Liver cancer can be cured in 20 minutes and to the UCC Tuzla.
Yes you read it right.Do now patients in Bosnia, and who have had liver tumors or liver metastases who for various reasons were not suitable for surgical treatment, for these procedures had to go beyond the borders of BiH.In other for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was performed in the routine practice placed a new method for the treatment of tumors of the liver without performing surgery.
As the UCC Tuzla announced, the procedure itself lasts 20 minutes, and the patient the next day can go home. An additional benefit is that it can be repeated as many times as necessary to the tumor completely disappeared.
These are so-called the ethanol ablation of liver tumors in which the tumor directly, by ultrasound injects a certain amount of absolute alcohol.
Following the completion of treatment, leads to cell death of the tumor and a small portion of the surrounding healthy tissue which the tumor becomes completely destroyed and replaced by scar tissue.
What remains to be written, there is a cure, liver cancer bye, nestaješ.za only 20 minutes without surgery disappears liver cancer, so it's great news even in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
So there is more to the problem to go outside BiH, spending huge money.
Every good wish doctors Tuzla, for their courage and willingness to help people who are struggling for life ... in your union.

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