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Recovery Capsule-hepatitis

Hepatitis Recovery Capsule is much more effective than combination therapy of alpha interferon and ribavirin.The one component of Hepatitis Recovery Capsule is the rare herbs collected in Autumn season from Changbai mountain.

After taking for 7-10 days, the following symptoms begin to disappear, such as: breast suffocation, hepatic region pain, dry mouth, feeling bitter with mouth, abdominal distention, inappetence, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, feeling sour and feeble with waist and knees, yellow urination, loose bowels, and so on.All the herbs used in the formula are from natural plant living environment, the long-time orally taking has been verified to be free of any prominent side effects.Also in the formula,(resist high temperature, tolerate tiredness), American ginseng (nourish Yin and benefit Chi), indigo wood root (neutralize poison, cool the blood and benefit liver), and other traditional Chinese herbs.And it also has the effect to improve liver fibrosis, to correct inversion of protein, to turn swelling liver to normal, and eliminate ascites due to hepatocirrhosis.contac US....

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