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Liver and medicinal plants

Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world with a poor prognosis. About three-quarters of cases of liver cancer are found in Southeast Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, India and Japan. 
The incidence of liver cancer in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa is higher than 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Moreover, recent data indicate the occurrence of liver cancer in the US in total has increased. Encouraging intake with herbal supplements May, therefore, be an effective strategy to limit the damage to the DNA and organic injuries leading to cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. 
The research team led by Prof. Malay Chatterjee from Jadavpur University studies the basic mechanisms of chemopreventive acanthus ilicifolius in vivo in a mouse model of transplanted tumor. A. ilicifolius, popularly known as ¡° ± Harkach songs will be distributed widely through the mangroves of India, including Sunderbans in West Bengal, west coasts, and the Andamans, and in other Asian countries like Singhal, Burma, China, Thailand, etc. ..

The results showed the aqueous leaf extract (ALE) of the plant was substantially effective in preventing hepatic DNA changes and sister-chromatid exchange (type of chromosomal damage) in tumor bearing mice. The study found that ALE treatment was still able to limit liver metallothionein expression, a potential marker for cell proliferation, and lengthen the mean survival of animals to a significant extent. The results indicate that A. ilicifolius used as a potential chemoprotector against hepatic neoplasia.

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