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Pegasys interferon therapy

Pegasys(Peginterferon alfa-2a) is a form of interferon, a substance the body makes routinely to help fight infection. The interferon in PEGASYS is slightly different from the kind your body makes. It is pegylated. This means it has a substance attached that helps it stay active in your body and fight hepatitis C longer. So you can take it just once a week.
And PEGASYS is the only pegylated interferon available as a ready-to-use pre-filled syringe. PEGASYS is used alone or in combination with COPEGUS(Ribavirin, USP) in adults with compensated liver disease not previously treated with interferon alpha. More patients tend to respond to combination therapy than they would to PEGASYS alone.


-Once-a-week injection that works to reduce the amount of hepatitis C virus in the body. In clinical studies patients had a better than 50% chance of reducing the hepatitis C virus to undetectable levels (response to treatment may vary based on genotype and individual factors)

-Helps the body's immune system fight the hepatitis C virus

-Is often taken along with COPEGUS tablets — which have been shown to work well with PEGASYS

Pegasys for hepatitis B is little effective.I was in therapy, and nothing.This for hepatitis C are all correct.Good luck.

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