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Nutrition of patients in chronic liver disease / hepatitis B and C /

In chronic liver disease, while normal function was still held, a special diet is not necessary, but alcohol should be avoided and healthy balanced diet should be held. In occurrence of liver damage normal light diet is required and alcohol avoided. The recommended diet of patients with chronic liver disease is lean chicken, beef, veal, lamb meat and fish, and the consumption of smoked meat, pork, sausage, fattened geese and ducks, and fatty fish should be avoided. Food should be cooked, or baked, with avoiding of burning. As a side dish all types of pasta and rice, and white, black or corn bread could be served. Fried noodle is not recommended as it is full of yeast .
Since vegetables are recommended: potatoes, spinach, lettuce, carrot, beet, chard, kohlrabi, cauliflower, asparagus - boiled, braised or served as a salad. It is recommended to avoid beans, cabbage, sour and fresh cabbage, onions, cucumbers, garlic and pepper.
When it comes to fat, vegetable oil, margarine, nonfat cream is more preferable, and definitely butter and other fats should be avoided.
When preparing food allowed spices are: parsley, lemon, dill, basil, white vinegar, a strictly prohibited pepper, mustard, cayenne pepper and other strong spices.
From dairy products cottage cheese and low fat yogurt should be selected, and oily and dry cheeses avoided.
Fruit is the healthiest to be taken fresh, but it can be boiled or mashed too.What should certainly be avoided are fatty cakes, rich with walnuts, almonds and chocolate, and the priority is given to biscuits.
From drinks is the best to take a mild tea / peppermint and chamomile / other teas are not allowed. You should avoid fizzy and alcohol drinks.
The advantage of light normal diet is that it does not cause unpleasant symptoms such as pain, nausea, bloating, diarrhea that may occur after meals.

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